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Appetizer Diet Shakes® for Weight Loss

Monday, May 9, 2011 @ 05:05 PM  posted by Bboy

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Velvety Vanilla, Delicious Strawberry and Rich ChocolateAppetizer Diet Shakes
The Appetizer Diet Shake comes in three decadent, delectable flavors: choose from Velvety Vanilla, Delicious Strawberry and Rich Chocolate. All three flavors mix with water to produce a rich, creamy shake that has just 90 calories! A low-calorie, great-tasting appetizer that can help you reach your weight management goals—who could ask for more?

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Let’s Whey the Benefits
In addition to the weight management benefits of fiber, the Appetizer Diet Shake features a special whey protein concentrate made from only the milk portion of light white cheese. This “milk version” concentrate, combined with low heat processing and three-step ultra filtration processing, provides advantages over other concentrates and isolates, which are sometimes denatured and bleached due to the high temperature ranges and sources of milk.

Why is whey protein especially desirable? Because it’s comprised of every essential amino acid—and amino acids help the body convert fat to muscle! Recent research has focused on whey protein’s impact on fat storage and lean muscle mass. Proteins are linked chains of amino acids which are unique and have specific functions within the body. The body breaks dietary proteins—like whey protein—down into their amino acid counterparts and reconstitutes them to perform specific tasks.

Whey protein is widely used in the fitness world, where research has focused on branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and their impact on lean muscle mass repair and rebuilding, which impacts fat storage.* Whey protein is also an excellent source for leucine, an essential amino acid responsible for muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth.* Research shows that those who exercise and get high levels of leucine have more lean muscle mass and less body fat than those who don’t!

Whey protein also impacts a healthy immune system by encouraging the production of glutathione.* Whey protein effects blood sugar levels which in turn impact fat storage, which means that whey protein may help the body store less fat!* Add that to whey protein’s ability to assist with lean muscle mass production, which helps burn fat, and you have a powerful weight management tool.

Other research points to whey protein’s ability to assist your metabolic ability and make you feel fuller.* Whey protein contains bioactive components that release two appetite suppressing hormones: cholesystokinin (CKK) and glucogan-like peptide-1 (GLP-1).*

Important new research has recently been released by USDA researchers after on six month study consisting of three control groups: one group given a soy protein supplement, a second group given a whey protein supplement and the third group given a carbohydrate-based supplement. No exercise was involved. The study found that the second group, the ones who received the whey protein, weighed less and had less body fat than the carbohydrate group. The soy group weighed the same as the whey group—good news for those who use the soy and whey protein rich Appetizer Diet Cookie and SuperSoy—but the whey group had a smaller waist size than either other group.

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Appetizer Diet

Whey is an excellent choice to protein that can help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals:

Impacts fat storage
Supports lean muscle mass
Supports metabolism
Helps you feel full
Helps you feel more energetic

Feel Fuller With Fiber
The Appetizer Diet Shakes contain 2 grams of fiber. Over the past two decades, studies have established a relationship between the relative long lives and good health of certain populations and their consumption of high fiber foods.*

Just what is fiber and why is it so significant to our health and weight management? In his book Eat Right to Stay Health and Enjoy Life More, Denis Burkitt describes fiber like this:

“Fiber is the part of food which is not digested. Whereas fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are almost entirely absorbed in the small intestine, fiber passes through to the large intestine virtually unchanged. Fiber does not provide energy or nutrients, or materials for growth or repair. It is the only component of food that contains almost no calories.”

According to The Fiber Revolution, a Prevention Magazine publication, fiber satisfies the appetite; slows the digestion of food (so you are not hungry so soon); impacts normal cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and metabolism; impacts binge eating; impacts constipation, which is common among dieters.* In New Facts About Fiber, Dr. Betty Kamen writes, “One thing is certain: the higher the percentage of fiber in your diet, the lower the tape measure reading around your waist.”*

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Weight loss

Other fiber benefits:

Guar Gum impacts normal cholesterol levels, supports normal blood sugar levels and helps the obese with weight management.*
Other fiber research indicates that fiber may actually reduce the number of calories absorbed during the course of a day. Depending on the amount of fiber, it is estimated that between 30-180 calories per day may be blocked. Over the period of a year (if you are getting 15-30 grams of fiber a day), that could result in 3-18 pounds.*

Thanks to its high fiber content, the Appetizer Diet Shake:

Helps you feel fuller longer*
Helps you feel satisfied when eating less*
Helps you reduce dieters binging*
Helps you set, reach and maintain your weight management goals*

The Shake Couldn’t Be Simpler
To mix an Appetizer Diet Shake, just add one scoop (28 g) of powder to 12 oz of cold water and stir or shake vigorously. Drink immediately. If you use the shake as an appetite suppressant, drink one serving 15-45 minutes prior to your meal. To use the shake as a complete meal replacement, combine it with an Appetizer Diet Cookie.