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IS Defense (Ionic Silver)

Monday, May 9, 2011 @ 09:05 PM  posted by Bboy

Comparable Product: Since there is no comparable product we suggest the Healthy Body Start Pack which have items that may be purchased individually.

IS Defense
The Best Ionic Silver Solution on the Market
Only from Vitamark

IS Defense - Ionic SilverQ. Everybody’s talking about “ionic silver solution,” so I went to Google, did some research, and discovered so many amazing stories. Now I’m ready to try it for myself! My question is, which product is best? There are so many to choose from. How do I know I’m getting the one that’s right for me.

We hear that question a lot! As interest in ionic silver solution increases, and the number of options grows, more and more people are scrutinizing the products out there, looking for the one that offers the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing standards.

And what do they find? IS Defense from Vitamark, the most advanced ionic silver solution on the market. IS Defense is a Premium Ionic Silver Solution intended as a nutritional supplement to be used on daily basis. When used as instructed, it is believed to enhance the immune system.* And it’s the only solution supercharged with oxygen during the manufacturing process.

The purest ingredients

What’s inside a bottle of IS Defense? Pure goodness. Fine silver, assayed at .996 purity. Mountain spring water from a captured artesian well in North Carolina. Ozone that reverts to oxygen within twenty-four hours of bottling, to achieve supercharged oxygen enrichment. Pure nitrogen to replace ambient air in the bottle, reducing the possibility of airborne contaminants.

Here’s why IS Defense is your best choice: We take great care to source the purest ingredients—and to make sure they stay pure throughout the manufacturing process, right up to the moment you open the bottle!

The highest manufacturing standards

This level of quality demands the highest manufacturing standards. Throughout the ion generation process, we constantly monitor the solution’s silver content, maintaining our target level of 5 to 5.5 parts per million. Our test equipment is carefully calibrated to FDA standards, with built-in redundancy to ensure not a single bottle slips through the cracks.

Before filling, each bottle is washed and flooded with ozone to guarantee sterilization. Once the solution is bottled, we add pure nitrogen before capping. The nitrogen expands, pressurizing the bottle, which prevents ambient air infiltration.

The most remarkable results

IS Defense is the result of more than a decade of scientific research into ionic silver solution, finally culminating in a solution that is over 95% ionic and less than 5% colloid. Tests at the University of Georgia demonstrated the product’s efficacy.

During the tests, conducted in the School of Veterinary Medicine’s Microbiology Lab, challenges were successfully performed on several pathogens with silver content as low as 1.5 parts per million of ionic silver solution.

IS Defense - Ionic Silver

Meet the Scientist Behind IS Defense
B. J. Biagioli, NMD

Dr. B. J. Biagioli is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor with additional degrees in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and a Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering from MIT. He is an acknowledged leader in Alternative Medicine equipment design.

Dr. Biagioli first became interested in medical equipment when he designed biomedical equipment for the Mercury Space Program in 1960. The following years saw the development of many breakthrough medical devices and the follow-on production and marketing of them. After suffering a serious burn in 1974, he was treated with Silvadine®, a product that used Silver in it’s make-up. Impressed with the results of Silvadine®, he began a search for more information about using silver in healing.

IS Defense is the culmination of years of study and research by Dr. Biagioli and a team of engineers and chemists he formed in 1994. Equipment for medical use developed and produced by him has led the field for decades, but he considers his Premium Ionic Silver Solution to be his crowning achievement!

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.