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Wednesday, May 11, 2011 @ 02:05 PM  posted by Bboy

Comparable Product: A very popular product has been Sunjing. An almost identical product is the Pain Neutralizer which comes in a roll-on or spray.

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Sunjing, with the incredible external analgesic benefit of the active ingredient camphor, provides hours of effective relief from minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backaches, arthritis, strains, bruises, sprains and muscle strain and stiffness that may come from sports, exercise or general activity.SunjingThe convenient “roll-on” applicator makes application easy–especially for those hard to reach areas. Sunjing is greaseless, won’t stain your clothing and has a clean, fresh, minty scent.

Sunjing’s deep penetrating oils start to soothe sore muscles immediately–without aspirin, alcohol, heat or that strong “medicine-like” smell.

Sunjing is a combination of natural ingredients: camphor, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil and orange oil. Each oil is valued for its soothing comfort; as well as its aromatic benefit.*

Simply apply Sunjing to the affected area or “swish” it through your warm bath water and feel your aches and pains float away!

Keep Sunjing with you at all times–the convenient roll-on bottle fits easily into pocket or purse. Be protected, at work, home or anytime you are out and about.

Some suggested uses:

  • You may find the soothing aromas beneficial with “respiratory” concerns–a couple of “dots” under your nose–just might do the trick. Or roll a little on your neck, throat or chest (also soothes those stiff muscles).
  • Head discomfort due to muscle tightness, stress and strain might respond to a “swish” on the forehead, temples and back of neck. Follow-up an hour or so later with cold compresses to reactivate the oils and provide the muscles with more “cooling” relief.
  • Sore muscles due to stomach discomfort or menstrual concerns: 4-6 dots on the affected area




* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Jennifer Komoll and Katja Gotthardt of Team Niederhein, Germany

Dear Sirs,

We get massages on a regular basis and our Masseuse uses Sunjing. We really like the product because of its cooling effect, but also because it takes care of our muscle sores and helps prevent muscle cramps. We also use it to treat bruises on our knees that we normally get from running hurdles. Normally we have to wait 2-3 days for the bruises to go away and not be able to train, but with Sunjing, the pain and bruising usually goes away within hours.

It is also important to note that all of the Athetes that are using Sunjing on our Team, have been giving us nothing but positive feedback about the product.

A team that is very happy with Sunjing
Jennifer Komoll
Katja Gotthardt

Sabrina Mulrain, Olympic Athlete (6th place in Sydney 2000 in the 4x 100m staff Run)
Sunjing Report

Because of the higher demand for training during the Winter and therefore more training sessions and hard Gymnasium Floors, I developed muscular problems. These became especially painful in my legs and back.

Due to regurlarly massaging the affected areas with Sunjing, i was able to relieve the pain. I am constantly surprised at how fast this product works. Also the application of the product before my excercises feels very good and has positive effects on my muscles.

Sabrian Mulrain

Margene Adkins, former Dallas Cowboys.

I was fortunate to play for the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets and the Canadian Football League from 1967 to 1975. I know about pain. A friend brought me some Sunjing. After using the oil for several weeks, I knee I had found a safe, effective tatment for pain. Where was this product when I was playing football?

Sunjing works so well for me, I want to tell everyone about it. Sunjing can be used in whirlpools and saunas — to relieve and prevent pain. It can be applied under the nose to enable easier breathing — bringing in more oxygen. It not only works fast, but is also safe and effective for many uses.

Margene Adkins
Fort Worth, TX

Mary Jenkins

I’ve been a user of Sunjing now for a year. I am very thankful to be able to control the symptoms of arthritis aches and pains in the joints with a rub. It is better than taking medication.

The results I receive with Sunjing worked so well for me and my family that I was happy to recommend it to other family members and friends. We are blessed to have a product that gives the relief we need. In our house we call it MAGIC OIL.

I continue to improve on my own with the help of Sunjing. Thanks!

Mary E. Jenkins
Fort Worth, TX

Berthold Weber – TB Weiden/Judo (Martial Arts)
Experience Report: Sunjing

For a few months now, we are very successfully using Sunjing in all of our training activities for the Judo Martial Arts to treat common injuries that occur in this kind of Sport. Following a short testing phase which immediatley convinced us, we are now using Sunjing (dubbed “Magic potion” by our young Athletes) in every competition we go to.

In Judo Competitions, several types of injuries are common. First there are Bruises (often occur on legs and feet), pulled muscles (because the Athlete did not warm up properly before competition), and also injuries caused by rugburn and other abriasion. Lastly there are also injuries involving the joints. While these injuries are usually not very bad, they cause enough pain to cancel a competition or take 3 days Leave. This can be an even bigger problem during Championships, when an injury can prevent an Athlete from reaching a higher status.

In all of the above mentioned cases (including a few more), we noticed immediate positive results through the application of Sunjing. After using the product, the only time we had to have athletes take Leave from injuries was during severe cases (dislocations etc). We also noticed that the sooner the product is applied, the faster the injury heals. The spectrum of who uses the product is also astonishing. Most of our youngest Athletes love using Sunjing because it doesn’t burn and smells good. Never in any of our cases of using the product did we notice any Sideeffects or other.

I should also mention that the product has not only been used for sport related injuries, but also for other injuries. In one case, i used Sunjing to treat an open wound on an 11 year old girls foot, which healed so rapidly, that it allowed her to participate in competition and win the OberPfaltz Championship.

We are going to recommend Sunjing to everyone and could not do without it at all of our events and competitions.

Berthold Weber

Filip Gartner, Conditioning and Technical Consultant
Headcoach for the Norvegian National Ski Team, Slalom Division

I think that I am one of the first to receive Sunjing for testing. After 7 years of experience with this product, it has become clear to me that the overwhelming success of my team is in part the effect of using Sunjing. Through the consistent usage of Sunjing, the breakdown times of my Athletes due to the usual types of illnes were reduced considerably.

During our training periods, it became apparent that Sunjing works very effectively in acclimating Athletes to high altitudes.
That is how, for example, problems with constricted breathing can be solved. It is impossible to think that Sunjing were to ever be considered as a “Doping” product.”

Filip Gartner

Jean Saxon
December 26, 2002

As we baby-boomers begin to age, it’s comforting to get relief for all of our aches and pain.

Sunjing helps me deal with my daily arthritis and muscle spasms and enables me to work-out at the fitness center weekly.

Thank you for providing a wonderful, natural product and I believe it should be in every household.

Jean Saxon

My name is Bill Clement. I am a licensed Acupuncturist in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. I was introduced to Sunjing about nine years ago and have been selling it ever since. This product is a all natural combination of oils will no chemicals or alcohol. It is important to me to use only natural products in my practice. I have seen many problems improve using the oil. Some examples are ……, all types of muscle and joint pains. I am very happy with Sunjing and will continue to stock bottles for my clients to purchase. I strongly recommend this product. You need to try it to see how effective it really is for your problems.

Bill Clement

Dr. R. Reithmair, Emergency Room Surgeon, Head Doctor, Freyung Hospital, Germany

Freyung, 03-06-2001

Sunjing – Charlatanry or Miracle Medicine

Sunjing is a mixture of essential oils without the addition of stabilizers or Alcohol. Therefore it can be applied to mucous membranes, as well as open wounds. Between January 1st and December 31st, 2000, Sunjing was tested in the Emergency Room Surgery Department at Freyung Hospital on over 1000 patients. Parallel to this, a study was performed with female Ice skating athletes. The resulting success was overwhelming.

Application in the Emergency Room:

Upon arrival in the Emergency Room, 384 patients’ injuries including simple bone fractures, bruises, skin abrasions and contusions were immediately treated with Sunjing. Only a few drops of the product were needed. Nearly all 384 patients reported immediate pain relief. Chemical Analgesics were almost unnecessary. In most patients, swelling was almost completely prevented. With the exception of bone fractures, the recovery time was shortened by ca. 6 Days. Bruises, contusions and muscle strains could be treated early the next day without the use of pain medicines.

Application after Surgery:

Overall, 1240 patients were included in the study while, naturally difficult and large operations, who required assisted breathing in the Intensive Care Unit, were omitted from the study. In small or moderate operations, Sunjing was used with 620 patients, whereas the other group of 620 patients did not receive the product. In all comparable operations, there is evidence of a reduction in the usage of chemical analgesics. In small operations Sunjing sufficed as the only application to relieve pain completely.

In moderate operations, the usage of pain medicine was reduced by 30% in the first day, by 60% on the second day and on the third day, in comparison to the control group, no analgesics were necessary. On the other hand, the control group had to receive 30 drops of Metamizol until the fifth day. The most noticeable effect of Sunjing was with children. 98 Children were included in a controlled study during treatments for ligament hernia and appendix operations. All 98 children did not require analgesics after their operation.

Application with female Athletes:

When Sunjing is applied immediately after contusions and sprains, training excercises can be continued and later effects, that would lead to cancellation of training exercises, such as swelling and pain can be prevented. After application to pressure points on feet, Sunjing works very effectively so that the Athletes can resume training exercises the next day. Twice, we treated a, verified through sonograph, muscle fiber tear with Sunjing . The breakdown time of these Athletes lasted for two days. One of these athletes successfully participated in a competition 10 days after her muscle fiber tear. After long training sessions or overexhaustion, Sunjing was applied to the affected muscle groups. Therefore, rehabilitation time was so short, that these athletes were able to resume their training exercise schedule the very next day. Usage of the regeneration phase was much better utilized by the athletes. Upon continuation of their exercises, the athletes’ physical condition was rated good to very good. None of the Athletes had to extend their regeneration phase.

During constant application of Sunjing for Inhalation, where 2 drops under each nostril-twice a day is seen as sufficient, an overall improvement in health stability is observed. 30% of the female athletes that utilized inhalation did not contract a flu or other illness that would otherwise have interrupted their training exercises. Inhalation of Sunjing reduces the swelling of nasal mucous glands and opens airways, so that the feared anaerobic metabolism, that normally occurs during a 3 minute high performance excercise, could be reduced considerably. Thus at the end of a 3 minute free excercise, none of the female athletes complained of oxygen restriction. Therefore Sunjing is a purely natural product and will never appear on a doping list.

Sunjing is a mixture of essential Oils without the addition of Stabilizers or Alcohol. It can therefore be applied to mucous tissues and open wounds, as well as bruises. Local application yields faster reduction of swelling and faster healing, thus chemical analgesics and pain medicines are not necessary. There is improvement in the healing of wounds and accelerated regeneration time with female athletes. Muscle, joint and ligament pain were successfully treated with Sunjing. Reduced swelling of air passages with improved oxygen intake in female athletes is an important advantage.

Dr. R. Reithmair
Head Surgeon