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Crave Energy Drink™

Monday, May 9, 2011 @ 08:05 PM  posted by Bboy

Comparable Product: We suggest an even better product called Nature’s Pearl 4.44 Energy Shots

Incredible Energy!Crave Energy Drink
Simply mix one packet into approximately 16oz of pure water or whatever other beverage you prefer and drink slowly. You will love the taste and in just a few minutes you will feel the most incredible energy come over you. The energy will last about 4-6 hours on average.

No Headaches
Unlike the majority of energy drinks on the market Crave will not give you a headache. Crave is not loaded with large amounts of sugar (less than 1gram) that causes headaches for many people.

No Nervous Jitters
While many Energy Drinks give you energy….many also cause the nervous jitters that are so unpleasant. Not so with Crave Energy Drink. Just a great feeling of energy.

No Crash
Users of Crave Energy Drink™ report that when the effects of the incredible energy begin to wear off they do not experience the usual “crash” that leaves them feeling like they’ve just fell to the pavement. Crave Energy Drink™ users say that you just float back down to a normal feeling as you were before drinking it. Huge plus!

Convenient To Carry Packets
Crave comes individually packed in “stick packs” which makes it very convenient to carry with you. No lugging around the bulk and weight of cans or bottles. Just small lightweight packets that you mix into a bottle of water which nowadays is available everywhere. Traveling by plane somewhere? No problem…..while bottles and cans of drinks are not allowed…..Crave packets are welcome. Get on board and order some water and you’re ready for Energizing!

Less than 1 gram of sugar
Unlike the majority of Energy Drinks……Crave contains less than 1 gram of sugar. We feel that this is one reason for the lack of the common crash associated with so many energy drinks.

Crave’s delicious taste is flavored and sweetened by Vitamark’s special Natural Flavor Blend and an incredible ingredient we call FOS. That’s short for Fructulooligisaccharides. Now you see why we call it FOS. FOS, is actually a fiber and is very beneficial in several ways. FOS assists in the absorption of calcium to strengthen bones as well as adding to taste and sweetening.

Only 9 Calories
Calorie counting? And, who’s not these days…..well with Crave you get only 9 calories per serving. What a way to count calories!

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“With Crave, there is no funny aftertaste. And, I get twice as much energy after drinking it than I ever did with the energy drinks that are currently on the market!”

Mike – KY

“I am not an energy drink or coffee drinker so I was skeptical of what Crave could do for me but wow! I have more energy with Crave than I know what to do with. And even better, there is no crash afterwards like there is with other energy drinks!

Keith – TX

“I just wanted to say that when I tasted the Crave Energy Drink™ at convention, I was very excited. It gave me the energy I was after without the jitters or feeling all confused, like most energy drinks made me feel. I also noticed that after I started to drink Crave, I noticed it curved my appetite too. I wasn’t hungry and had energy that lasted for several hours. I sure needed it with all the excitement happening. I believe that Crave will be a huge boost to my weight lose goals as well.

Thanks Vitamark for introducing a Healthy Energy Drink, Crave!”

Judith – FL

“WOW! I want to share with the team about Crave. We Diamonds and above each got two sample packs of Crave in little plastic zip lock bags at the Leadership Dinner in Houston at Convention, so we could experience and know about Crave. Crave is a pretty green colored powder, sort of like Kool Aid, only it’s actually GOOD For you.

Being a nice and careful yellow, I didn’t test my Crave samples at convention. I waited til I got home to the safety of my own nest. I had NO IDEA what to expect. And hence was TOTALLY unprepared for what happened next. WOW! Crave is unbelievable. I only took 1/4th – yes only ONE FORTH – of the sample pack. I mixed it into a water bottle (8 ounces), shook it up and down 2 or 3 times, and began to sip the Crave. I couldn’t believe it. Now, remember I am moving. Moving is stressful, right? And LOTS of heavy work. Lifting things. Packing. Toting things upstairs and downstairs. Putting things in the car. Lugging things OUT of the car, etc. Plus, I have SO MUCH BACKED UP PAPERWORK. Ugh. It really piled up while I was searching and then buying my new property. So my mind would just glaze over and I would go numb with the thought of tackling that paperwork mountain. Ugh.

Then, I took a sip of Crave. WAHOO! GAZOO! I couldn’t move around fast enough. Tote stuff, pack stuff, Did 4 hours NONSTOP of moving through that paperwork mountain. Filing, Sorting, Trashing, Processing, Making Phone Calls, Checking Bank Balances, etc., etc. And guess what, I did not get tired once. Not one second. Not one iota! Wah! Now, would you think I was crazy on caffeine? Absolutely NOT. I had really nice mellow, even stamina and endurance. (And I did NOT crash nor get a headache or anything. And slept REALLY GOOD that night.)

And since I could process ALL that paperwork so effortlessly and with HOURS of excellent CONCENTRATION, I think my few sips of CRAVE were a beyond the beyond the beyond experience. WHAT an investment!

WOW! Well, you can see I am sold on Crave — one sip did it for me!


Pat – NY

“Crave with pineapple juice… sooo good!”
“The girls love Crave too!”
“Mike and Wydell can’t get enough Crave!”

“Mike Can’t get enough Crave!”

“I got into Houston to attend Convention very late Thursday night due to flight delays etc. I got to bed around 4 AM and needed to be up and going at 7 AM. My family knows I need 7-8 hours of sleep to have a productive day. So, I was worried about being too tired to get everything out of convention that I needed to.

My sponsor, Roxanne, was one of the leaders to get samples. She came to my room at 7:30 AM with a “surprise.” I was praying it was pop with lots of caffeine. It wasn’t. She handed me a bottle of colored water. “Yuck” I thought. I needed CAFFEINE. I don’t drink colored water.

She said: “Just drink it!” So I did. It tasted good, went down easy and had no after taste whatsoever. Within 15 minutes of drinking most of it I was wide eyed, clear headed, and surprisingly motivated and rearing to go, but not shaky and nervous like when I use NoDoze on a rare occasion when driving.

I proudly talk about Crave everyday, and can’t wait to have some on hand! Thanks Vitamark… and thanks ROXANNE!”

Lisa – IA

“Wow! Vitamark has done it again my friends. “The advance Crave Tasting Party” held at Leadership Conference in September fast became the topic of conversation that special evening.

The Colors of Crave
The actual color of Crave is a lovely pale lime green, very soothing to the eyes! I might add, it is a wonderful spin on “Limu Plus Green”.

Green represents Mother Earth and Nature and to be sure, the “autosuggestion” is a wonderful marketing coup. Just looking at the packets (our samples were in little clear cello packs) was inviting and filled with the promise of “something wonderful” (sorry Hal!!)

The Preparation
What fun! I really enjoyed the actual preparation of my first taste of Crave. Some of us had water bottles and others poured it in our (lovely) water goblets. Since we were dining in Yao Ming’s private dining room, everything was supersized including the water goblets! Stirring my Crave into my goblet I looked around and watched as others poured it into their water bottles, and what happened next was remarkable! Everyone who did so were shaking, slowly at first and then more furiously as the water changed color right in front of our eyes! The more Crave that went into the bottles or water goblets, the more neon Limu green it became! Voila! Grown men and women smiling and laughing as they shook and stirred; alchemy in the making! Crave is fun!

The Taste Experience
Tom Schreiter is a man of few concise and meaningful words. David Bertrand, with his Louisiana charm and eloquence waited until we all tasted our Crave to discuss the flavor. And, what a flavor it was! Each and every person who experienced Crave will tell you that “Flavor X” is… well, you just have to try it yourself! Crave seems to be a unique flavor to each and every individuals own taste buds! I tasted a delicate key lime flavor with no bite, not sugary and NO aftertaste! I heard some one else describing a “pineapple lime” flavor. I can’t wait to have a Crave Tasting Party and have everyone share what their taste buds are “feeling”! Crave is fun!

The Packaging Presentation
Wow, the “Colors of Crave” are not to be ignored and are very appealing. The inclusion of our own “VitaGuy” on the box suggests a robust experience and is also very attractive. I believe the appearance is “cross generational” and will lend itself to stupendous success in the marketplace. Move over Red Bull and Monster! I really like the convenience of the little packets (called sachets in Europe). Our VitaGuy will be seen in places “never seen before” (in airplanes for instance) & go to places “where no man has gone before”! (Sorry Captain Kirk!) Hmm, maybe we can donate some to NASA and have the Astronauts use it on their next space mission! What fun!

The Crave Experience
I do not drink Energy Drinks. I am a die hard Limu Plus Lady, however the experience is markedly different, as are the products. My Limu Plus experience is that it “balances” emotionally and physically leaving me with a sense of assurance, inner calm, focus and endurance. That being said, Crave gave me an immediate burst of energy which lasted a few hours (I used 1/2 of a 1 portion) and carried me well into the night with a sense of physical and emotional agility and a sense of being “very” alert! Maybe we should have had a “Crave 5K run” after the Leadership dinner. I know that everyone there would have been able to complete the run with ENERGY to spare 🙂 My pantry has an empty space just waiting for a few boxes of Crave!

Beg, Borrow or Steal (just kidding!)
Ah, David and Tom taunted (oops, I mean treated) us to this preview Crave Tasting Party and the results are in. Call your upline Diamond to hear what THEY have to say about Crave, but know that some of us would beg, borrow, and do anything to get their hands on more Crave. I was recently chatting with Cynthia Breed (we both live in Austin) and mentioned I had been “saving” a packet of Crave. The next week my phone rang and Cynthia said she was “in the neighborhood” and could she drop by (for some Crave). Cynthia has been using her Crave during her bicycle riding and running. If you know Cynthia you might wonder why in the world she would want Crave at all. She is full of natural energy. Cynthia told me that her cycling and running experience performances are enhanced when she uses Crave. I guess you’ll just have to wait to read Cynthia’s story, but if you happen to get your hands on some Crave don’t tell Cynthia or else she will offer to barter off one of her kids! (Just kidding)

Kachinnng Kachinnng
That is the sound of your Crave Cash Register! Be sure and tell everyone you know about Crave. I think Art Jonak says it best, “Imagine getting paid every time someone takes a drink of Crave!” Everyone wants more energy and once they experience Crave they will know it is something special! Just yesterday I spoke with someone who drinks 3-4 Red Bulls/and or Monsters a day! Yikes! Imagine knowing that Crave will replace those purchases and that person will surely tell their friends because they will no longer experience jitters or headaches! Crave will be our quintessential “referral marketing” product! Get ready, get set, and start making your list right now 🙂 THINK CRAVE, THINK FUN, THINK PROSPERITY! Thanks Vitamark for this nifty product and opportunity!”


“I tried Crave at the convention. I was skeptical because I have tried many energy drinks and all they ever did is make me shakey. I drank Crave and couldn’t believe how awake I was and full of energy. I wanted to run a marathon! This drink is amazing. With just a hint of flavor and h20 it is exactly what I am looking for. Now, I can break my morning soda pop habit.

Normally I would be so tired after eating such a huge meal at our training event in Salina,KS. I drank my CRAVE energy drink right after lunch and within 15 minutes or less I was alert and wide awake for the entire training event.I didn’t miss a beat. I was even wide awake for the 2 and 1/2 hour ride home. Which normally as soon as the sun goes down my eyes start getting heavy. Not this time. This stuff really works!”

Tracy – KS

“Wow, I sure was excited to get samples of Crave at the Diamond Dinner at Convention! Last weekend I helped some of my team members hold a home meeting and prepared some of my remaining CRAVE to sample. Everyone loved it! When the meeting was done, I had about 2/3 of a water bottle left. I brought it home and stuck it in the fridge. Well, it’s been a long and busy week and after several nights of way too little sleep, I found myself really tired and run down today. My eyes were burning and my brain was in a fog. After a long day on the road, about 2:00 in the afternoon, all I could think about was that I needed a NAP! But no time! Lots to do in both business and personal life. I remembered the CRAVE in the refrigerator and grabbed it on my way back out the door. I drank that bottle down on the way to pick up my highschooler from school. All I can say is WOW! In spite of being overtired and a bit stressed out, less than 10 minutes later, I noticed I was singing along to the radio. I felt great! My eyes had stopped burning, I was smiling as I drove and my mind felt clear and fresh. CRAVE is AMAZING! I turned off the radio and started calling my team to tell them how great CRAVE is. Even though it wasn’t a full bottle, I was still energetic more than four hours later. What an incredible product! I can’t wait to get my first shipment and introduce all my friends to the Neon Green Energy of CRAVE! Thank you, thank you for this great product, it’s going to make us all a TON of money when we work with it, and thank you for all the enhancements to our compensation plan. CRAVE and Vitamark – an amazing opportunity for health, energy and prosperity!”

Sue – IL

I am so excited to get my first order of Crave Energy Drink. I had been calling the post office everyday to see if it had arrived. I went last night to pick up my daughter’s passport and tried again. The girl at the counter said “so it is you that has been calling everyday for the past week”. I said “Yes it is, I am so excited.” She said “Penny it is here!” Well, I can not tell you the excitement that I was feeling and trying not to jump up and down or freak out.

I took the parcel home trying not to open it because I had made a promise to myself that I would not open it till everyone was there and we opened it together. So my family knew it was the Crave and they kept saying why are you not opening it and I said well, we need to video the opening. Plus, I wanted to try it when we opened it. It is too late to take Crave from what I had heard. It was 9:15 PM and I did not want to be up all night. Anyways, they talked me into it and wow we all tried it.

The box is very appealing and the packets are so small and just really all of it catches your eye. I love the taste it is like Kool-Aid and it was a refreshing taste. Needless to say it was so good, two of us drank another one so we could see if it really worked. Well, I think we finally got to sleep around 4 AM or later and then went to a deep sleep. I was late for work this morning and tired, so took another Crave when I came to work. It woke me up!

Today is Friday and I usually go to Cycle fit at noon to make sure I get my exercise in. With my busy schedule I jump on every chance I can to get to the gym. Today was very special since I had Crave with me at work. (It displays very well on my desk!) I try to do Cycle fit about 4-5 times a week and some weeks it does not happen. I have only gone a couple times in the past two weeks due to Christmas so I thought, I am going to be wiped more than usual. I took another Crave during the class and made sure I finished in the first 5 minutes. My usual feelings are 10-15 minutes into the class I am wondering, why I am doing this and I am exhausted. Not today! Even after class I am usually starving and ready to drop when I get back in the car. Around 2 PM I am ready for a coffee because I am falling asleep at my desk. Today, I feel like a million bucks and could keep going. I am so excited! I did not get any crashes, headaches or jitters.

This is amazing! I can’t wait to do more testing. But I wanted to share what I have felt so far with not even having it for 24 hours yet. Thank You Vitamark!

I love Crave Energy!

Prior to getting started in Vitamark I was a major skeptic when it came to energy drinks. They did nothing for me except make me shaky and nauseated. So imagine my skepticism when Vitamark announced that we were getting an energy drink! Yeah!

Once again Vitamark has made a believer out of me. Since drinking the energy drink I have very high energy, and can get so much more done. The other day I was so energetic I swept my entire lower level, mopped, straightened up and dusted, all the while carrying a conversation over the phone with one of my affiliates. And I did it all in record time — 30 minutes — which is a record for me because I HATE HOUSEWORK! I will find any reason and am easily distracted when it comes time to do it. LOL

The other day while driving very early in the morning I found myself falling asleep at the wheel. I could barely hold my eyes open. At stop lights I would rest my eyes, and that was scary. I immediately poured my pack of Crave into my water bottle, and shook and drank it. Within 10 minutes I was wide awake and alert! I had a ton of energy. So much energy in fact that it lasted a full eight hours! I didn’t feel any crash and wasn’t shaky at all. And just eight hours later CRAVED another. Unfortunately for me I was up until 11:30 that night.

Crave Energy Drink


Tracy – KS

Hi, I am so proud to be a Crave Energy Drinker. I haven’t had an Energy Drink before. I had been drinking a few cups of coffee a day everyday before Crave came into my life. Crave really does help me to cut down on drinking coffee. I see the energy in me. I took some packets with me last week while meeting my girlfriends for dinner. I poured the Crave into my glass of water, everyone was asking, “What is that? Green?” I told them about Crave Energy Drink. One of my friends was like, “Give me one give me one.” So ,I gave her a packet. She poured it into her glass of water. She got so excited and said, “Wow, its so good!” The rest of other ladies wanted to take a packet home and try it while they go to work and see how they feel from there.

Thank you Vitamark. I love this Crave drink and it also helps me sleep better at night too.

Thank you! Sincerely,

I’m a coffee drinker so when I first tried Crave, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure if it would actually give me more energy because my body is used to my drinking coffee in the morning, and sometimes throughout the day for that extra pick me up.

Unlike coffee, Crave didn’t give me the crash. You know when you drink coffee and get that crash hours later? I didn’t get that after 5 hours of energy drinking Crave. And with the added health benefits, I’m not worried about getting my daily intake of vitamins.

All I did was put one whole packet in a 16 oz bottle of water, shake and drink. The lemon-lime taste is so good! When I first took a sip, it kinda of tasted like a sweet-tart!

With that extra boost of energy, I feel more alert and awake than when I drink coffee.

Thanks for an awesome product Vitamark!


I workout at the gym 4-5 times per week. I consume a bottle of Crave 30 minutes prior to my workout. I use a 1/2 pack per 16 oz of water. I have noticed a very subtle energy boost that is sustainable throughout my entire workout. This slight difference is what I like most about the Crave product. Instead of a big sudden bang of energy that lasts 10 minutes, I feel like it is more of a timed-release energy that lasts through my entire workout session. I find myself working with a bit more intensity and my endurance level has increased as well.

Also, I have never felt a “crash” with this product which is an added bonus!

All in all, Crave is a great product that I will use for years to come.

Derek – KS

I just received my Crave, and especially in comparison to trying and tasting an energy drink like “Monster,” Crave tastes great! And the health benefits are amazing with Vitamark’s manufacturer being able to put together such a great product.

Thanks, and I’m sure more great products are on the way!


This was my first crave taste I call it: My First Crave Dance!

My first Crave delivery was on Monday, December 24th Christmas Eve and what an energy filled Christmas Eve it became. My Crave arrived at 12:30 PM. As I was returning home from some last minute shopping, I saw the Fed Ex Truck leaving my driveway. Well, I KNEW it was the Crave shipment – I left the food and presents in the car and ran up the stairs and bounced into the house. Then, I grabbed the box and skidded to a stop in the kitchen, all the while yelling for my daughters Samantha and Carly to get down quick the Crave was here.

They literally bounced down the stairs and into the kitchen. I already had the Crave in my hand and was opening the box. WOW! I could feel the energy just by looking inside. Then, we quite quickly mixed up three bottles and we all took our first sip together. My youngest Carly, an accomplished energy drinker, was first to say, “Whoa, this actually tastes good!” Then Samantha and I absolutely agreed. We drank about half and I headed off to my office and sat at the computer and finished my bottle. A few minutes later I noticed that my feet were moving. I had so much energy it was making me dance in my seat! I went downstairs and both of my daughters were tapping their feet while sitting. I said you’re doing the Crave dance.

Now, when my feet start the Crave dance I know I am ready to tackle any thing.

Thank you ever so much for Crave!


Happy New Year! It has been years since I have been able to say that at the stroke of 12 on January 1st! Aside from being 52 years old, I am up Monday through Friday at 5:00 AM for work and frequently do not last much past 9:00 PM. My body is just accustomed to this schedule. This year, like on many other failed attempts, I wanted to stay up to usher in the New Year. I drank my Crave at 9:00 PM and cruised through ‘til midnight!

WOO-HOO! 2008 is going to be my year thanks to Crave Energy Drink.

Bring it on! D.

Hello! I got my first order of Crave in last Saturday on December, 31 2007. I went outside and found my delivery on the front porch where FedEx had left it. Woo-hoo!

I hurried up and tore that box open, and there it was. I must tell you it was 4 O’clock in the afternoon and I was afraid to take it so late, but I just couldn’t stand seeing it sitting there glowing at me. Ya know what I mean!

Okay, I couldn’t stand it any more so I got a 16 oz. cold bottle of water and poured the whole thing in there. It even mixes well in cold water too! And I drank it. About half of it at first, it tasted pretty good so okay, I finished it off.

Well, after that, the rest was history, I was still going wellpast midnight… Happy New Year… and into the early morning. What a RUSH! I partied and worked, and partied and worked some more!

All I can say is… 2008 Is Gonna Be Great! Thank You Vitamark for Crave! I went out of the old year with a bang, and into 2008 feeling Great!

It’s Too Good to be True,

This was sent to me from a Crave tester: Dear Ginger, I tried the sample of Crave and it sure helped me. I got the flu and was hit with a bad cold afterwards. I really needed “a boost of energy” in order to get ready for Christmas. Crave did exactly that! I will be contacting you as soon as I return. Very good product! Juanita

Best regards,

Our Crave arrived four days before Christmas, on a Friday. I left as soon as I had the kids settled into Daycare, planning to make the quick trip down to the States to get my Christmas shopping done and be back home by late afternoon. They were predicting a storm for later in the day and I wanted to be home before it hit. I was doing a double run — picking up Margaret Klassen’s shipment too. To make a long story short, the 28 mile round trip across the border from Margaret’s took almost 4 hours! Needless to say I was tired, uptight and every muscle in my neck was rigid.

Once home, we ripped open the boxes. While Margaret found the glasses and filled them with water, I continued to open the other Vitamark box. Margaret’s Autoship had arrived and there was Sunjing in there and a bottle of Limu Plus! I couldn’t believe how happy I was to see those products. Everything I needed right then was right here. I asked her permission but I think I already had the Sunjing rolling when she said yes. I admired the Crave green, took a sip, thought it wasn’t bad and downed the rest of the glass of Crave. I felt it instantly. A gentle, peaceful energy literally flooded my body. Wow! Okay, I still had shopping to do and the storm was coming in faster than they predicted so I was off.

Now, I have to tell you, I hate shopping. I dread it. That day, not only did I shop but, I actually went from store to store and compared ideas and prices, backtracked to make the purchases, did all the grocery shopping, drove the 50 miles home in driving snow with almost zero visibility and I was still humming along to the Christmas carols when I got home! I felt the energy wear off, but, only after I was safely home.

On Saturday, I mixed up a bottle (about 12 ozs with 1 Crave) intending to drink it, but, with the kids at home forgot about it. Every once in a while I would walk past my desk, see it, take another sip and continue on. I really thought it wasn’t doing anything for me until I realized it was midnight. I had worked around the house all day, chased and played with my kids, contacted leads during the kids afternoon nap, baked a few things, did all the normal stuff (food, dishes, laundry) and I was still awake! At midnight! That for me was amazing! Since then, that has become my routine. I mix a bottle in the morning, sip it all day, finish it by 7 PM and I no longer fight the need to have a power nap at 3 or to go to bed at the same time as the kids.

Thank you Vitamark for another excellent product! It’s funny, I tell people how much I love Limu Plus or Sunjing, but, I had no idea how much until I opened those boxes and saw them. It felt like Christmas – 4 days early!


I work in an accounting cube farm and the end of the year always brings extra projects to be completed ASAP. The week before Christmas my largest client requested some additional reports. The client, my manager, and I agreed that a realistic completion time would be the end of the year. Due the time that the office was closed for the holidays, I had seven days to complete the work. When I got home the night after this project was agreed upon I found my Vitamark package with Crave waiting for me at the door.

I took a few packets of Crave to work with me and when I felt the brain fatigue coming on I mixed a full packet in a 20 ounces of water and drank about half of it immediately and sipped on the rest of throughout the day. I repeated the process the second day and knew that my energy and focus were definitely enhanced. I didn’t really realize how much Crave had improved my performance until the morning of the third day of the project when I realized that the project was almost completed! The reports were completed, proofed, and to the client in three and a half days!

Since I have been drinking Crave every day my concentration and focus is strong all day. No more afternoon my-brain-is-fried feelings. (Just for the record, I was a regular coffee drinker, and commonly consumed twice the amount of caffeine with only a fraction of the energy that Crave gives me.)

Also, one of the much respected and admired ladies in the office had recently gone through a lot of personal issues which resulted in her moving and she is now driving two hours one way to work. The Friday before Christmas she was talking about how tired she was and several of us were concerned about her getting home safely. I gave her two packs of Crave and requested she drink one before leaving and take the other and a bottle of water with her just in case she needed it. I have given her more packs since then. She was always so grateful and told me many times how much ‘the energy drink’ helped her. Today I told her to take enough to get her through the weekend. She thanked me and said she was going to buy some this weekend and pay me back. I told her that it was not available in stores and gave her the Vitamark website and my ID and she immediately ordered a box of Crave. (The company I work for has very strict rules concerning promoting or selling anything at work, so I had not previously mentioned purchasing the product.)

It is such a blessing to have wonderful Vitamark products to share with people, knowing that they are experiencing life changing (saving?) effects!


Lately I have been talking to people about Crave and sharing it with friends. I received my Crave about a week and a half ago right before I was about to go to work. I took it to work with me to share with all my co-workers at Uhaul. I had been talking it up the week before I got it so, when it finally got there they were all ready to try it.

I brought it to work and everyone drank it except my manager because he was not there at the time. Later that day he came in with the district manager and when he did, those of us that were working that day had cleaned out all the trucks, fixed 10 of them, cleaned the store, stocked the store, and 2 of us were out sweeping the lot just because we had so much energy. My manager and district manager came in and were wondering what happened because we NEVER get all the trucks up, let alone clean the store and the lot just because we want something to do. My district manager was so impressed he gave us all $20 out of his own pocket!

Naturally, they wanted to know what was up. That’s when I shared Crave with them and boy were they happy to try it I’m now talking with my manager and the district manager about becoming customers.

If that was not good enough, today was the first day of classes for my spring semester in college. Our professor went around the room asking us to introduce ourselves. I proceeded to talk about how I was an affiliate for a new energy drink that was coming out and he asked if I had samples. Of course I did! I got to give out samples to the WHOLE CLASS! I’m expecting to have at least half the class asking for more in class on Wednesday.

The bottom line is CRAVE is EXTREMELY easy to market. All you have to do is mention energy drink and BAM there they are. Well… that ends my story for this week!


I first experienced Crave on December 29th. I really didn’t know what to expect as far as the taste and how it would affect me as far as the energy.

We went out for pizza and I drank one Crave before we got there. I am a big soda drinker and at pizza places you can have as much soda as you want. I was amazed because I only had 1 1/2 glasses instead of 4-5 glasses of soda.

Oh! The energy I had when we got back home! Instead of sitting down right away I actually started doing the dishes.

The next day it seemed like some of that energy carried over and my craving for soda wasn’t there either.

Thank you so much for the Crave!


A Crave Drinker
Laura – IA

We received our Crave Energy Drink during Christmas week. Our daughter and son-in-law and their three children came to stay with us that week so we were very excited to get our Crave. It really helped us with the energy for the busy week. Usually we are on the go so much that we get tired out, but, we kept right up with the young ones.

Since Crave did so well drinking it cold, we decided to trade in the coffee for Crave. To our delight, we loved it and after all these years drinking coffee, we do not miss it.

You see, we have always been the C family with all our daughters and animals through the year starting with the letter C. We were glad to trade our old C (coffee) for the new C (Crave) to add to our family of C’s. We also love the color Green as we both are Irish. It tastes great. C & C Love the Crave! Thanks Vitamark for the new C in our Family!

Charlie & Carolyn

Hi, this was the first person to give me his feedback after mailing out the Crave.

I thought it worthy of sending on to you.

Dear Ken, I’ve always been afraid of the “ENERGY ERA” but this just baffled my thoughts and rumors! The taste – the boost – oh, my! I deliver hot tubs and I’ve never accomplished more or felt better about my work and self!

Thank you Ken, and thank you Crave. John Chiswell

Thanks! Ken

I am a true bun warmer. That’s right, most of my day consists of sitting at my office desk keeping my buns warm. In other words, manual labor and I are only barely acquainted. That’s why I was so impressed with my Crave experience yesterday.

My son came over to cut firewood for me because I can’t see well enough to do it myself. So, my part for the next fifteen minutes was hauling the wood into my metal shed to stack it. I did a whole lot of bending over, standing up, bending over, standing up… well, I think you get the idea.

What impressed me so much is that because of the packet of Crave I’d consumed about five minutes before we started I ran out of back LONG before I ran out of energy. When we were done with the wood I went right back to making prospect calls.

Without Crave, my buns (along with the rest of me) would have been toast. Crave definitely works for me!

Thank you Vitamark for bringing Crave to us all.

Bill – CA

I received my Crave at just the right time. I am very busy at work, especially through the holidays. I was scheduled to work 20 days in a row. Some of those were 12 hour days. I would take two Crave packets with me every day and I had plenty of energy to get through the day. And the best part is that I get the best sleep that I have gotten in years. This product is amazing!

I love it!


Crave Energy Drink